New Blood

New Blood

Attracting new brokers is what will strengthen the industry going forward. CMP spoke to the six finalists for the Canadian Mortgage Award for Best Newcomer to get a sense of what motivates them and why they enjoy being a mortgage broker

Julie Angstadt

VERICO Bob Hanscom Mortgage Agency

Lloydminster, Alta.

What attracted you to the business of mortgage brokering?

I was employed with a major financial institution for years and had recognized a notable shift from a focus on customer service to the bottom line. I no longer felt I was serving my clients the way I wanted to. I was inspired to join my current brokerage after seeing that they had the same focus on customer service and dedication to their clients that I had. In addition to the customer service aspect, I enjoyed being able to offer different lender options to my clients to make sure they had the best mortgage for their needs.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned as an agent?

There is always more to learn. This industry is always changing and growing. Keeping on top of the market changes and staying knowledgeable about our lenders and their products keeps me on top of my game. I feel it is very important to keep up-to-date to make sure I am providing my clients and referral sources with the best advice.

Jackie Bowen

VERICO Primex Mortgages

Coquitlam, B.C.

What attracted you to the business of mortgage brokering?

I gained interest in the business several years ago when I got a job working as an administrative assistant for a top-producing mortgage broker. Working with her for three years, I learnt not only about the mortgage industry but also about the value that a mortgage professional brings to clients of all credit and asset situations. A few years later I became a homeowner myself and was placed on the opposite end of the experience. The mortgage broker we were working with forgot to mention certain costs/related expenses, neglected to get back to us on several occasions and we never heard from him after completion. We felt like we were just another deal come across his desk and now that we were done, that was it. It was this experience that convinced me to become a broker myself. I refer to that transaction every day and do my best to ensure that no client I assist ever receives that kind of service.

Ron Lefebvre

Invis Mortgage Intelligence

Edmonton, Alta.

What attracted you to the business of mortgage brokering?

I bought my first home at the age of 19 and felt that I had been taken advantage of by my lending institution because I did not do my research as to what options were available to me. When I first encountered a mortgage broker, I thought to myself that this was incredible that such a service existed. It didn’t take me long to realize that this was something that I could do and make a difference in other people’s lives. The second was to have the ability to build a business that wouldn’t have any limitations to how far I could go and to give me flexibility to be able to enjoy all aspects of my life. My thoughts were that there is always room to improve and that I didn’t have to wait for someone above me to depart from their job in order for me to move up. The third was to make a difference in the industry to bring more awareness to what mortgage brokers do.

Jeff Parsons

Dominion Lending Centres The Mortgage Shop

Windsor, Nlfd.

What’s the most important thing the industry can do to support new agents?

It is to continue promoting the value and concept of using a mortgage broker. Although mortgage brokering is growing in popularity, there is still a lot of uncertainty out there. The industry has to continue doing a good job at clarifying misconceptions and promoting the benefits. The industry should also set standards across the country to prevent having just anyone become a mortgage broker. If unqualified people are allowed to become brokers, the poor experiences those brokers create will only set us back in gaining the respect, trust and confidence of clientele. Finally, the industry needs to continue working with the banking system to highlight how our relationship can be mutually beneficial. The industry has to improve on its relationships with lenders so that bank representatives will not feel threatened or\ inclined to spread negative information about the brokerage industry.

Scott Rawkins

Dominion Lending Centres Total Mortgage

and Leasing

West Vancouver, B.C.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned as an agent?

Building relationships with clients based on trust is key. It does not matter how big their mortgage is or whether they are a doctor or a trucker, building a business based on referrals is all about helping the client in front of you and making their best interests the most important thing in your business, then asking them for a referral.

What’s the most important thing the industry can do to support new agents?

Newcomers need a niche and they need to be taught how to think strategically about their business. Business coaching, planning and tracking are also very important to our future success. Make a plan, track its success, improve, repeat, succeed.

Amy Wilson

VERICO Brokers For Life

Edmonton Alta.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned as an agent?

You get back what you give. I put 110 per cent effort behind me in every detail and in return I have a growing and very successful business.

What’s the most important thing the industry can do to support new agents?

Tools. When I started out I was a deer in the headlights. Strong knowledge of finance and credit and the completion of the mortgage course, gave me the overall book of knowledge. However, applying it in everyday situations can get tricky. With the tools I have at my disposal from my brokerage, such as CRM programs, product webinars, online support

etc., it has helped a great deal. Without tools you can get lost very quickly. I also feel that the industry could do more by way of helping us to educate the consumer. Awareness of our profession is increasing but we could definitely improve on providing information to the public as to what we can do for them.