Industry talk

  • The tax tips (and traps) you should know now by MBN | 06 Apr 2010

    As a mortgage professional, it's not your job to give tax advice, but there are a few mortgage scenarios where a little bit of tax knowledge can go a long way to helping your clients. TDMP's Sandy Aitken shows you how read more

  • Bubble. What Bubble? by Donald Horne | 01 Feb 2010

    An industry report questioned whether or not Canada was in the midst of a real estate bubble. Melissa Kim asked some of last year's CMP Top 50 brokers to weigh in on the possibility. read more

  • Flaherty extends $125-billion program: A broker and a lender weigh in by MBN | 18 Nov 2009

    At the end of September, the government announced it would extend its $125-billion mortgage fund program to buy mortgages from lenders. Melissa Kim finds out what this means for the industry read more

  • Privacy matters by | 05 Nov 2009

    A report of privacy breaches at GTA mortgage brokerages - and an ongoing audit by the federal privacy commissioner - is a reminder that efforts to protect client information should not slip through the cracks read more

  • Where have all the B lenders gone? by MBN | 09 Oct 2009

    With Wells Fargo the latest non-prime lender to fall off the mortgage map, Erin Letson talks to remaining alternative lenders to see what they're offering the alt-A set of clients and how they're mitigating risk read more

  • How to avoid 'zapping' your time by MBN | 23 Sep 2009

    Have you thought about how much time you spend in a single day sporadically checking and responding to e-mail and voicemail messages? Imagine how this time could have been better spent over the course of a year. Gary Mauris shows you how to avoid some common time zappers read more

  • Eye on the prize by MBN | 25 Aug 2009

    While they may seem gimmicky, contests and giveaways, no matter how big or how small, can be an effective marketing tool to target new and existing clients. CMP looks at how to get the ball rolling read more

  • The hidden cost of great rates: explaining the IRD by MBN | 29 Jul 2009

    Rates have historically never been better, so the temptation to get out of an existing mortgage and into a new one is high. But as CMP finds out, what some brokers don't know is that it could cost their clients more in the end read more

  • Status seekers by | 14 Jul 2009

    With more lenders creating benefit programs and preferred lists that target individual brokers, CMP looks at what's on offer and what these perks signal for both consumers and the industry read more

  • Boys' club no more by MBN | 17 Jun 2009

    While men still outnumber women in the mortgage industry, the female broker population is growing steadily - and they aren't letting any pass‚ boys' club mentalities slow down their success read more