Industry talk

  • Beating the banks by | 07 Mar 2012

    As part of its annual year-end survey, Dominion Lending Centres polled its network in December to find out what brokers from across the country feel are their greatest challenges for 2012. Find out what they plan to do to overcome these challenges and turn them into opportunities read more

  • Transition time by | 25 Jan 2012

    Economic turmoil and uncertainty has created mortgage market in Canada where brokers need to ensure they are positioned to meet the needs of clients who no longer fit the A mortgage space, says Optimum Mortgage’s Lester Shore read more

  • There's still work to do by | 09 Jun 2011

    Canadian Mortgage Award recipient Brian Matthey says the industry has come a long way, but that it still needs to raise the bar to ensure the Canadian public sees brokers as professionals read more

  • WEB EXCLUSIVE: Is the Canadian consumer overextended with debt? by | 22 Oct 2010

    I grow weary of reading reports and surveys suggesting that consumer debt in Canada is a problem. Is it a problem or not? How do telephone surveys, which seem to occur daily, add to a situation that should be looked at from a numbers perspective? read more

  • WEB EXCLUSIVE: Protecting your clients' information by | 09 Jun 2010

    The federal privacy commissioner’s report on unsecure mortgage broker practices for protecting client information has further exposed the industry to potential fraud crimes. “If I was a professional criminal, a mortgage broker would be my main target,” said Greg Viger, accredited mortgage professional with Dominion Lending Centres Financial Ltd. in Burnaby, B.C. read more

  • WEB EXCLUSIVE: Reaction to Stoddart's security concerns by | 09 Jun 2010

    River City Financial Services President David Armstrong weighs in on Stoddart's report and talks to us about what the audit did right and what the Privacy Commission can improve. read more

  • Restricted access by | 04 May 2010

    The CMHC recently tightened the reins on its self-employed borrower program to avoid some of the problems the U.S. is facing. Kit Kadlec checks in with brokers who see both the pros and cons of the changes read more

  • The tax tips (and traps) you should know now by MBN | 06 Apr 2010

    As a mortgage professional, it's not your job to give tax advice, but there are a few mortgage scenarios where a little bit of tax knowledge can go a long way to helping your clients. TDMP's Sandy Aitken shows you how read more

  • Bubble. What Bubble? by Donald Horne | 01 Feb 2010

    An industry report questioned whether or not Canada was in the midst of a real estate bubble. Melissa Kim asked some of last year's CMP Top 50 brokers to weigh in on the possibility. read more

  • Flaherty extends $125-billion program: A broker and a lender weigh in by MBN | 18 Nov 2009

    At the end of September, the government announced it would extend its $125-billion mortgage fund program to buy mortgages from lenders. Melissa Kim finds out what this means for the industry read more