Industry talk

  • Steering clear of the 'expert' trap by CMP | 03 Jan 2013

    With 10 years of expert testimony under his belt, broker David O’Gorman knows all the challenges waiting to ensnare mortgage professionals entering that arena. read more

  • Gooo, brokers! A pep talk for 2013 by CMP | 17 Dec 2012

    Here’s a pep talk for 2013 guaranteed to banish any broker’s self-doubts and market fears read more

  • Lenders on Brokers 2012 by CMP | 22 Nov 2012

    Last month’s issue saw brokers rank and roust their lenders as part of the sixth CMP Brokers on Lenders survey. This month, lenders review and revel in the results read more

  • Broker to Broker advice: Witness for the prosecution by CMP | 21 Nov 2012

    More and more mortgage brokers are promising “to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” as expert witnesses, writes Lloyd Manning, a 30-year veteran of the commercial real estate and appraisal industry. read more

  • Do you want a credit card with that? by CMP | 21 Nov 2012

    A credit card branded with a broker network’s name? Bad idea, say some brokers, but not John Dearin, he and thousands of others welcomes this latest development. read more

  • Keep calm and broker on by CMP | 05 Sep 2012

    Here, according to leading broker network execs, is what the new mortgage rules mean for mortgage professionals read more

  • Reaching new heights by | 04 Jul 2012

    It’s a message that reverberated from one end of The Mortgage Summit to the other, with speaker after speaker calling on brokers to choose sides – are you focused on service or rates? read more

  • New Blood by | 18 Jun 2012

    Attracting new brokers is what will strengthen the industry going forward. CMP spoke to the six finalists for the Canadian Mortgage Award for Best Newcomer to get a sense of what motivates them and why they enjoy being a mortgage broker read more

  • Don’t quit your day job yet by | 15 May 2012

    Canadian Real Estate Wealth contributor, Peter Kinch explains the ways brokers can ensure their BFS investor clients can still get the financing they need read more

  • Syndicated mortgage investments by | 01 May 2012

    Engaged with banks in the rate wars on one side and facing dwindling origination business on the other, brokers are increasingly looking to expand their streams of revenue while at the same time retaining their client base. CMP learned that some have done just that with syndicated mortgage investments read more