Industry talk

  • 10 lessons from a small business owner by MBN | 18 Feb 2016

    Most people go into business for themselves because they want to be their own boss and believe they can make more money. While this can be true, it doesn’t happen without hard work read more

  • Adapt and thrive by MBN | 16 Feb 2016

    How can coaching assist us in adapting to change? Dr. Hilary Armstrong provides best practice insights and outlines how neuroscience has shifted our understanding of brain function read more

  • Office politics: How to know if the hill is worth dying on by MBN | 11 Feb 2016

    Office politics can seem like warfare. If that’s what it feels like to you today, then the question you need to answer is whether this particular hill is worth dying on, says Cindy Tonkin read more

  • Training and retaining productive agents by CMP | 03 Jul 2013

    Who better to hear from on the subject of maximizing an agent’s potential than from Joseph White, president of industry trainer REMIC read more

  • Dress for success, broker by CMP | 06 Jun 2013

    Brokers have even been known to wear flip-flops to a client meeting, writes Safebridge VP of Sales Drew Donaldson, but a suit and tie should be as mandatory for brokers as accountants and lawyers. read more

  • More than a numbers game by Donald Horne | 26 Apr 2013

    Mortgage Architects is looking beyond volume, beyond numbers, says CEO Ron Swift, shared his calculations with CMP’s Donald Horne read more

  • Broker, meet your Frenemy, Rate Site by CMP | 11 Apr 2013

    Sure, brokers may have lots of dark feelings about these comparison sites, writes industry vet Ron Butler, but here is exactly how they can turn that foe into friend read more

  • Commercial envy by CMP | 07 Mar 2013

    Don’t be a hater, residential brokers. Commercial guys increasingly have it rough, too, but they’re finding new ways to add value read more

  • Commercial creativity by CMP | 31 Jan 2013

    Broker appetite for commercial deals may be growing, but so is the lender creativity needed to get them done read more

  • Speak now or forever hold your peace by CMP | 10 Jan 2013

    Insurance and mortgages are tying the knot at a growing number of brokerages, but don’t expect creditor insurance providers to object to the union. Far from it. read more