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Broker argues against Macbeth’s prediction by Justin da Rosa | 2015-03-23 6:53:45 PM

In the wake of one bold housing crash prediction, brokers are questioning the methodology one analyst used to arrive at his dire more

The full Hilliard MacBeth interview by MBN | 2015-03-23 1:18:12 PM

Hilliard MacBeth is an Edmonton-based portfolio manager with Richardson GMP Ltd. He also wrote a book, called When the Bubble Bursts: Surviving the Canadian real estate crash, and thinks the market is overvalued by up to 50 per more

How much income do you need to afford a home? by Jamie Henry | 2015-03-23 9:25:05 AM

The income required to buy a home in Canada varies widely depending on the market, from under $40,000 in Trois-Rivières to more than $320,000 in West more

Canadian debt increased by 2.3 per cent last year says credit agency by Jamie Henry | 2015-03-19 6:00:43 PM

Canadian consumers increased their average debt to $21,428 excluding mortgages last year according to credit agency TransUnion. read more

Brokers aren’t worried about big bank rate cuts by Justin da Rosa | 2015-03-19 11:25:32 AM

It’s all ado about nothing, according to brokers who don’t believe the big bank’s rate cuts warrant all the media coverage they’re getting, after two big banks make record rate more

Bank vet criticizes financial overhaul plan by Justin da Rosa | 2015-03-19 9:07:57 AM

It’s not just brokers who scoffed at one financial organization’s recommendations for an overhaul to the Canadian financial system, after one former bank executive provided his own more

Proposed amendment could shut buyers out of this hot market by Jennifer Paterson | 2015-03-18 6:13:22 PM

A city councillor in the country’s hottest market is spearheading a move to crack down on the illegal conversion of secondary suites – something that could affect a wide array of potential more