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Industry players take a hard stance against peers by Justin da Rosa | 2015-08-07 7:35:31 PM

Brokers argue there aren’t enough ramifications to deter brokers from falsifying documents, but some suggest reporting them to a database such as REDX is a good startread more

Demographics driving key mortgage market by Donald Horne | 2015-08-07 2:55:03 PM

Industry insiders are attributing strong year-over-year growth in reverse mortgage originations to several factors – the most notable being human longevityread more

Broker blogging turning the tables on rate shopper challenge by Donald Horne | 2015-08-06 5:40:00 PM

Online rate sites have called the death knell for the broker channel – but brokers are turning the tables and using the Internet to their own advantageread more

An odd suggestion to help monolines better compete with banks by Justin da Rosa | 2015-08-05 6:21:13 PM

It’s a tactic that lenders – and their underwriters – may not be too keen to implement, but one broker is suggesting his lender partners take a page out of the bank more