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Foreigners driving one major market niche? by Justin da Rosa | 2015-08-18 5:18:10 AM

Brokers are missing out on the luxury market in one major city, according to one real estate firm that says it is being driven by foreign moneyread more

Are mortgage lenders moving en masse to schedule 1 banks? by Donald Horne | 2015-08-17 1:02:56 PM

With the recent purchase of CFF Bank by Home Capital Group, there appears to be an industry shift to transitioning schedule 1 banks into the mortgage channelread more

Industry fraud allegations underlines need for accurate documentation by Donald Horne | 2015-08-14 8:25:27 PM

Recent fraud concerns have highlighted the industry’s growing emphasis on accurate and up-to-date client documentation, especially for self-employed clients, say broker channel veteransread more

Players call for level playing field by Justin da Rosa | 2015-08-14 6:36:03 AM

Big banks continue to undercut their own broker partners by offering proprietary mortgage products exclusively in-houseread more

HELOCs and household debt by Justin da Rosa | 2015-08-13 9:06:08 PM

Growing housing prices are drawing more broker attention to HELOCs, especially in the wake of ever-increasing household more

Brokers remain one of the industry’s best kept secrets, unfortunately by Donald Horne | 2015-08-12 7:31:34 PM

Brokers may be scoring hit after hit with clients who are already knocking on their door, but the fact remains that for a large segment of the population – mortgage brokers remain virtually invisibleread more

CFF Centre brokers optimistic about acquisition by Justin da Rosa | 2015-08-12 7:20:29 PM

Brokers currently operating Canadian First Financial Centres believe Home Capital’s acquisition of the schedule I bank will help them better compete with the big banksread more