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Big bank offers rate prediction by Justin da Rosa | 2015-09-09 5:41:41 PM

Brokers may be disappointed if this big bank’s prediction about the rate announcement comes true – but here is why you shouldn’t beread more

Technology drives up client expectations by Donald Horne | 2015-09-09 12:24:50 PM

New technologies to create and share client files have been a godsend for brokers – but have also heightened client expectations for speedy deals and even speeder replies to their inquiriesread more

Bank tries to win other lenders’ business by Justin da Rosa | 2015-09-08 9:28:49 PM

One big bank’s offer that claims to allow clients to switch their mortgage for free could actually cost thousands, says one industry playerread more

CFF saga continues by MBN | 2015-09-06 10:16:48 AM

The second suitor to CFF is expressing new determination to press ahead with its bid to acquire control of the bank and to take it public – that despite the approval Home Trust appears to have already more

Business-for-self segment too big to ignore by Donald Horne | 2015-09-03 4:47:28 PM

Things can be tricky come time to secure mortgage financing for self-employed clients, but that segment represent almost one in five Canadians borrowers and unlimited potential for broker businessread more