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Multiple hurdles in CMHC’s probe on foreign investors by Ephraim Vecina | 2016-03-17 3:02:54 PM

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) is reporting significant obstacles in gathering reliable data on overseas investorsread more

Symptoms indicate US-like crisis imminent–expert by Ephraim Vecina | 2016-03-17 2:50:23 PM

The grave symptoms of a breaking point similar to the 2008-09 financial crisis have manifested in Canadian markets, according to an expert considered as Canada’s Warren Buffettread more

Broker diversifies, offers service to peers by Justin da Rosa | 2016-03-16 9:44:31 AM

Frustrated by the mortgage documentation process, one broker developed a system to alleviate the workload – and now he’s turned it into a separate business streamread more

Bank mortgage practices top list of most complaints by Justin da Rosa | 2016-03-14 1:03:18 PM

Brokers can take advantage of recent stats about prepayment penalty complaints by warning potential clients about potential pitfalls before they happenread more

Bank of Canada announces overnight rate target by Justin da Rosa | 2016-03-09 11:44:51 AM

The Central bank has released its latest rate decisionread more

Government reveals plans for foreign ownership data by Justin da Rosa | 2016-03-09 9:31:11 AM

CMHC tells what it plans to do once it collects additional foreign ownership dataread more