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U.S. mortgage delinquencies remain at record levels by | 2010-02-26 4:45:27 AM

One in 10 borrowers is seriously delinquent on their U.S. mortgage, with their payments at least 90 days past due or in foreclosure. That compares to one in 16 borrowers a year ago and one in 33 two years ago, according to the Mortgage Bankers more

Will the Insured Mortgage Purchase Program continue? by | 2010-02-26 1:49:39 AM

With reports the federal government will cut a number of its initiatives aimed to help banks through the financial crisis in next week's budget, there is talk about whether the $125-billion Insured Mortgage Purchase Program will more

More homes to fit multi-generations under one roof: U.S. survey by | 2010-02-23 8:18:42 AM

Facing increasingly difficult financial and housing situations, more and more Americans have been combining multi-generations under one roof, according to a new more

From the Press: What people are saying about the new mortgage rules by | 2010-02-20 5:05:02 AM

A day after Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced three changes to mortgage rules in Canada, it appears the overall response from the financial community has been favourable; however, questions still remain, including whether clients must qualify at five-year posted rates or five-year discounted rates. Here's a roundup of what's being said in the press:read more

U.S.-based firm pays borrowers to pay their mortgage by | 2010-02-11 6:03:44 AM

Lately some borrowers in the U.S. have been considering walking away from their mortgage, even if they have a means to pay more