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Why Canada's housing market didn't burst by | 2010-06-30 4:02:43 AM

The countries may share a border, but the financial crises in the U.S. and Canada are hardly similar. As an associate professor at the University of Western Ontario and a research associate at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland explains, a comparison of the two markets suggests Canada may have just "got things right"read more

In U.S., 500 arrested for mortgage fraud by | 2010-06-23 3:41:05 AM

Nearly 500 people have been arrested in a U.S.-wide crackdown on mortgage fraud since the operation began March 1. Federal officials found that Las Vegas was one of the major centres where scams were situated to falsley inflate house more

More likely to foreclose on your loan with poor math skills: U.S. study by | 2010-06-23 3:26:39 AM

If you have poor math skills, you're three times more likely to go into foreclosure over your mortgage loan found a new study led by Stephan Meier, a Columbia University assistant business more

Spanish banks accomplish a feat of irony as they attempt to sell off real estate assets by | 2010-06-23 3:24:07 AM

In 2008, Spanish banks took on a large amount of homeowners’ debt in exchange for assets, or homes. While this move helped avert a massive reduction on debt, it left Spanish banks with far more homes as assets instead of more

What lenders are looking for by | 2010-06-22 8:26:13 AM

Erin Letson talks to CMA-nominated lender BDMs and underwriters to find out what brokers can do to improve their applications and develop better relationships for the futureread more

Canadian farmers/US housing mortgage collapse similarities 'scary' by | 2010-06-18 4:25:06 AM

Canada's farmers could soon face a sub prime mortgage crisis, University of Guelph professor George Brinkman more