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Banks could raise HELOC interest rates by | 2011-03-04 11:51:27 AM

With a surprise drop in credit card debt over the holiday shopping season, lines of credit increased. Merix Financial speculates whether this could push banks to raise HELOC interest more

Security Breach: What brokers are doing to guard their clients' privacy by | 2011-03-03 1:29:42 PM

In the wake of client privacy breaches of mortgage brokers a few years ago, the industry has improved security measures. John Tenpenny found out what some brokerages and brokers are doing to ensure the personal information of mortgage broker clients isn’t compromisedread more

The rise and fall of mortgage rates by | 2011-02-23 7:49:25 AM

Research released by the Bank of Canada Thursday, not surprisingly suggests that Canada’s largest banks are slow to pass on cuts in the Bank of Canada’s policy interest more

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Is the Canadian consumer overextended with debt? by | 2011-02-19 3:01:25 AM

I grow weary of reading reports and surveys suggesting that consumer debt in Canada is a problem. Is it a problem or not? How do telephone surveys, which seem to occur daily, add to a situation that should be looked at from a numbers perspective?read more

CREA: housing drop will be less severe by | 2011-02-17 3:29:34 AM

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) has revised its 2011 forecast, following a stronger-than-expected rebound in sales during the second half of more

Credit Repair Job by | 2011-02-16 2:20:21 PM

Looking to graduate your clients from a B to A mortgage? Heather Li looks at some of the tools brokers can use to turn around their clients’ credit scoresread more

2011: The Road Ahead by | 2011-02-16 9:36:52 AM

Consumer awareness and confidence in brokers, broker-lender relationships and the threat from government of more mortgage rules are some of the issues John Tenpenny heard about when talking with prominent industry membersread more

CMHC takes on its critics by | 2011-02-16 9:27:04 AM

In a rare move, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation responded directly to recent criticism about its role in Canada’s mortgage more

BC, Alberta, Sask and Ontario most vulnerable to mortgage rate increases by | 2011-02-11 7:09:38 AM

Households in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario are most vulnerable to interest rate increases or another economic slump, according to a new TD Economics’ Household Financial Vulnerability more