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Broker: We’ve gained market share, not lost it! by Vernon Clement Jones | 2011-05-20 6:56:39 AM

Buck up, brokers. By one industry veteran’s calculations, the channel has actually gained – not lost – key market share in the difficult years following the subprime more

Industry Veteran: Broker ranks will thin by Vernon Clement Jones | 2011-05-18 1:31:32 AM

A slowing, yet increasingly competitive Canadian market will not only cull the number of new entrants to the broker industry but thin the existing ranks by as much as 5 per cent, a veteran mortgage professional told more

Alberta broker app-plies himself to customer service innovation by Vernon Clement Jones | 2011-05-14 6:20:09 AM

It may soon be the 21st-century equivalent of a business card, but an Alberta broker is one of the industry's first to pull his very own app from the proverbial back more

CAAMP survey: Broker market share stagnant by Vernon Clement Jones | 2011-05-13 5:19:48 AM

A new CAAMP poll suggests that brokers are at best maintaining their share of Canada’s mortgage business and at worst…read more

Rising condo fees cool market for brokers by Vernon Clement Jones | 2011-05-12 4:02:23 AM

While tougher mortgage rules have rekindled interest in condos, rising fees coupled with first-time buyer fears have limited the ability of brokers to capitalize on more

Growing number of brokers look to salaried positions by Vernon Clement Jones | 2011-05-10 3:53:15 AM

A brokerage hawking salaried positions instead of tried-and-true commissions is pointing to a slowing market to explain a significant increase in the number of brokers jumping at the more