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Genworth moves down the Street by Vernon Clement Jones | 2011-07-28 7:33:18 AM

Street Capital has added Genworth as a default insurer, a move, says the lender, in response to broker more

Centum: Broker workshop to focus on consumer debt by Vernon Clement Jones | 2011-07-26 4:03:32 PM

Runaway consumer debt: It’s not just the federal government’s concern, but also the focus of a mortgage workshop for brokers – set for Vancouver this fall and focused on ensuring brokers extend their utility beyond the transaction, say more

Gord Pipkey: a profile in success by John Tenpenny | 2011-07-22 7:11:10 AM

Most people would expect that a broker who does more than $260 million in volume in one year wouldn’t have much of a social life and perhaps would be in danger of burning out, but that’s surprisingly not the case for Gord Pipkey, this year’s No. 1 on the Top 50 Broker more

Coast Capital answers broker concerns about access by Vernon Clement Jones | 2011-07-21 6:37:21 AM

A lender increasingly considered Vancouver’s rate leader is addressing broker concerns around access – in a number of cases only being won through more

Williamson: Brokers beware of disintermediation by Vernon Clement Jones | 2011-07-21 4:35:47 AM

Macquarie and Concentra may only have been the first, with broker trainer Greg Williamson identifying “disintermediation” as a growing industry trend. In common parlance that means lenders are looking for ways to cut out the middleman and beat a direct path to the more

myNext moves to fill Macquarie/Concentra funding gap by Vernon Clement Jones | 2011-07-20 5:34:48 AM

Lender myNext Mortgage Company is now extending its reach outside Mortgage Architects and to the rest of the broker channel, its CEO suggesting the move will help fill the funding gap left by two recent lender more

Brokers blessed with growth in 'church' deals by Vernon Clement Jones | 2011-07-20 2:46:46 AM

The increased willingness of private lenders to fund church construction is taking commercial brokers to a whole new plane, as deals traditionally conceived and executed outside the broker channel come into the fold. read more