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Lenders dangle carrots in drive for efficiency by CMP | 2012-05-03 2:59:26 AM

Brokers are increasingly being judged by the efficiency of their work and not just the funded volume of their labour, with two channel players formally updating reward programs to better reflect that more

Brokers edge out bankers for media spotlight by Vernon Clement Jones | 2012-05-01 7:31:03 AM

Brokers are increasingly finding themselves in front of TV cameras and quoted in the news – elbowing out bankers and economists in an effort to elevate their collective more

Flaherty throws CMHC future in doubt by Vernon Clement Jones | 2012-05-01 4:15:49 AM

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is hinting – like none of his predecessors before him – that the government could and, perhaps, should get out of the mortgage insurance more

Brokers brace for new CMHC boss by Vernon Clement Jones | 2012-04-27 12:19:46 PM

Getting CMHC to approve deals may soon be tougher, with the introduction of a new bill handing ultimate control for government-backed mortgage insurance to an increasingly strict more

Brokers use waivers to get beyond rate by Vernon Clement Jones | 2012-04-26 4:27:48 AM

It may seem like a cover-you-butt approach – asking clients who opt for no-frills mortgages to sign a waiver – but it also has the power to redirect them to full-featured alternatives, say an increasing number of more