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RBC and brokers in the same boat? by Vernon Clement Jones | 2012-05-26 3:15:05 PM

Rising revenue, but dwindling profits. It’s the primary challenge facing Canadian mortgage lenders and brokers, and now new results suggest RBC is no more

BMO's 2.99 gamble pays off by Vernon Clement Jones | 2012-05-25 2:19:01 AM

It’s a gamble that may well have paid off, with BMO’s 2.99 per cent five-year fixed helping grow its mortgage book by $1.2 billion in the second quarter, according to the big bank’s latest more

MAC's trifecta of brand building by | 2012-05-24 5:13:57 AM

Over the spring and summer months Canadians will be hearing a lot of Mortgage Alliance on the radio. And the company wouldn't have it any other way. read more

Brokers need to see clearly when it comes to rate by | 2012-05-18 11:30:37 AM

For one broker it’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about: the fact that the industry continues to fight banks on rate when it is clear it can no longer do so more

Brokers jockey to increase web presence by Vernon Clement Jones | 2012-05-15 3:59:59 AM

It`s 11 o'clock. Do you know where your website is?read more