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Commentary: Open information will ultimately benefit the real estate market by Ephraim Vecina | 2016-12-23 5:43:47 PM

Gaps in the knowledge available to the public domain makes it harder for authorities to act effectively in response to affordability pressuresread more

Calgary developer stable after targeted shooting attack by Ephraim Vecina | 2016-12-21 9:34:24 PM

Real estate mogul has been involved in a number of legal spats in the past few more

The average wage-earner will need almost 2 years to save for a down payment by Ephraim Vecina | 2016-12-19 9:09:48 AM

The bulk of the Canadian workforce will need at least 102 weeks to buy a home in the median price range, says a recent reportread more

Brokers react to DLC’s Marlborough Stirling purchase by Justin da Rosa | 2016-12-16 3:18:36 PM

MorWEB is poised to become a much bigger player in the mortgage game; how do brokers – both DLC and others – feel about the purchase?read more

StatsCan: Canadian household debt reaches unprecedented heights by Ephraim Vecina | 2016-12-16 10:45:45 AM

Other observers predict a slowdown in the pace of household debt growth next year, howeverread more