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Ottawa ‘Condo Queen’ fined, suspended by Nestor Arellano | 2012-11-22 12:19:48 PM

The censure of a high-profiled Realtor is offering a cautionary note to agents and brokers working with "stringer agents" and operating outside the auspices of a more

Sources: O'Leary to create white label by Vernon Clement Jones | 2012-11-21 5:54:14 AM

Sources are telling more about Kevin O’leary’s foray into the industry, suggesting he'll brand a white-label product offered by a leading mortgage servicing company then use his name and an advertising campaign to generate leads -- leads meant to bypass more

'Rate-less' website pays off by Nestor Arellano | 2012-11-17 5:08:00 AM

A year after he decided to remove rate charts from his website in favour of “more quality content," a Vancouver broker is billing his increased traffic as proof of a winning more

Debt sidelining homeowner dreams by Vernon Clement Jones | 2012-11-15 6:17:40 AM

A new report detailing a rise in unsecured credit is providing fodder for brokers concerned Ottawa has erred in focusing on more

Association membership should have its privileges: broker by Vernon Clement Jones | 2012-11-15 5:58:51 AM

It may be the ultimate in big-sky thinking, with one veteran suggesting brokers should ultimately be able to access preferred status with lenders based on their membership in CAAMP or any other industry association – something that could dispense with the need for pooling and, ahem, broker more