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Should brokers thank CMHC? by Justin da Rosa | 2013-08-13 1:42:07 PM

Thanks, CMHC! The latest move by the Crown corporation has pushed a wave of fence-sitters into making purchases today fearing increased rates tomorrow, say more

What if anything could you do? by Justin da Rosa | 2013-08-12 11:05:21 AM

The developer behind the Trump tower in Toronto has yet to close on 201 hotel-suites bought by investors who are unable to secure mortgages. The dilemma begs this question: What could you do for such a client?read more

You know about rates sites. What about rate apps? by Justin da Rosa | 2013-08-12 9:13:45 AM

Rate shopping made even easier? Comparison site is now offering a mobile app billed as “the answer to your mortgage mobile prayers” and focused on comparing up-to-the-minute bank, broker and credit unions more

Which broker lender will feel the CMHC pinch? by Justin da Rosa,MBN | 2013-08-11 5:52:54 AM

Brokers are already positing their own theories on which lenders will be hardest hit by CMHC’s move to cap access to government guarantees for securitized more

Stronger lender for A deals emerges by Vernon Clement Jones | 2013-08-08 12:53:14 AM

Move over A lenders: Home Trust is poised to expand its presence in that sphere after winning the green light for a new -- OSFI-approved -- securitization more

Government again moves to slow market by Vernon Clement Jones | 2013-08-07 7:23:29 AM

It may be that other shoe brokers have been waiting to drop, with CMHC announcing it will now limit each lender enrolled in its mortgage-backed securities program to $350 million in guarantees for more