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Breaking barriers between brokers and lenders by Justin da Rosa | 2013-08-26 9:01:06 AM

Lenders too frequently favour a “black and white” approach to qualifying clients, complain a growing number of frustrated more

Brokers on dealing with rate hikes by Justin da Rosa | 2013-08-25 5:26:47 PM

TD has now joined the increasing number of lenders pushing up fixed rates – a trend expected to see even seasoned brokers return to chasing down leads but also to deepening their value-add beyond basis more

Brokers aren't ready to trust Flaherty by Justin da Rosa | 2013-08-23 4:42:43 AM

A year after he imposed stricter guidelines on the housing market, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced Wednesday that he has no plans to further intervene. The announcement hasn’t provided comfort for mortgage brokers, more

Broker boom still in the offing by Justin da Rosa | 2013-08-23 4:07:56 AM

He told you so. Nova Scotia’s real estate market was abuzz with speculation after news of a $25 billion shipbuilding contract was announced in late 2011. Brad Compton of Invis, however, warned that brokers and property sellers alike shouldn’t count their real estate boom before it hatches – something echoed in data now pointing to a 9 per cent more

Closing time: Moving the storefront online by Justin da Rosa | 2013-08-22 7:20:16 AM

The storefront is dying as more and more brokers are ditching them in favour of catching eyes online and not on the more

BMO gives a gift to monolines by Justin da Rosa | 2013-08-21 1:36:03 PM

The bank that rocked the market with its “2.99 no-friller” announced Tuesday it will be raising the rate on its five-year, fixed-rate mortgage to 3.79 per cent from 3.59 per cent, widening the competitive edge brokers enjoy through monolines. At least for now, say industry more

DLC adds new TV spot by | 2013-08-21 12:40:52 PM

Dominion Lending Centres’ new TV spot features young girls talking about what their homes mean to them – a campaign acknowledging the power of women in home financing more

Using Twitter to bolster your community... and client base by Justin da Rosa | 2013-08-20 11:41:37 AM

It may be impossible to quantify exactly how much business Twitter drives to a company, but one leading broker – who has organized successful community events through Twitter to bolster his hometown’s economy – believes the social media platform is invaluable for building more

Underwriter's background paves the way? by Justin da Rosa | 2013-08-19 11:05:17 AM

Do you know where your dedicated underwriter comes from? It could in fact make a difference, argues one broker pointing to the benefits of dealing with former employee of a mortgage insurer. read more