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Brokers sweeten their benefits packages by Justin da Rosa | 2013-08-15 10:57:06 AM

In the hopes of holding onto their best employees, brokers are embracing more creative benefits packages. Those strategies are so creative, in some cases, they may just prompt an influx of job applications. read more

Should brokers thank CMHC? by Justin da Rosa | 2013-08-13 1:42:07 PM

Thanks, CMHC! The latest move by the Crown corporation has pushed a wave of fence-sitters into making purchases today fearing increased rates tomorrow, say more

What if anything could you do? by Justin da Rosa | 2013-08-12 11:05:21 AM

The developer behind the Trump tower in Toronto has yet to close on 201 hotel-suites bought by investors who are unable to secure mortgages. The dilemma begs this question: What could you do for such a client?read more

You know about rates sites. What about rate apps? by Justin da Rosa | 2013-08-12 9:13:45 AM

Rate shopping made even easier? Comparison site is now offering a mobile app billed as “the answer to your mortgage mobile prayers” and focused on comparing up-to-the-minute bank, broker and credit unions more

Which broker lender will feel the CMHC pinch? by Justin da Rosa,MBN | 2013-08-11 5:52:54 AM

Brokers are already positing their own theories on which lenders will be hardest hit by CMHC’s move to cap access to government guarantees for securitized more