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Credit Suisse: Not clear whether housing market will land hard or soft by MBN | 2013-10-22 12:33:39 PM

In its annual Global Wealth Report, Credit Suisse paints a opaque picture of the Canadian financial picture; which it attributes, in large part, to an unclear housing more

B-deals take different skill-set by MBN | 2013-10-21 6:44:51 AM

As lending rules are continually tightened, some brokers may look to diversify their offering by targeting clients who do not fit the typical A-type profile. However, one leading broker in this space believes it takes a whole other skill-set than more traditional deals more

Experts: Mortgage rates will decline by MBN | 2013-10-15 1:46:21 PM

Brokers and their clients, as reluctant as they may be, may owe tea partiers in the United States a vote of thanks as their antics are expected to lower fixed rates in the short term in more

CMP's first ever broker lifestyle issue by Justin da Rosa | 2013-10-14 8:47:28 AM

She drives a 3-series BMW, vacations in Muskoka, had her 25-year mortgage paid off in less than a decade. She also owns an investment condo downtown that is rented out to a university student – her own kid. Does this sound like the typical broker?read more