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Experts: Mortgage rates will decline by MBN | 2013-10-15 1:46:21 PM

Brokers and their clients, as reluctant as they may be, may owe tea partiers in the United States a vote of thanks as their antics are expected to lower fixed rates in the short term in more

CMP's first ever broker lifestyle issue by Justin da Rosa | 2013-10-14 8:47:28 AM

She drives a 3-series BMW, vacations in Muskoka, had her 25-year mortgage paid off in less than a decade. She also owns an investment condo downtown that is rented out to a university student – her own kid. Does this sound like the typical broker?read more

Leading brokers discuss loyalty agreements by Justin da Rosa | 2013-10-11 10:23:12 AM

Leading brokers discussed’s latest Big Story at their weekly Canadian Mortgage Hangout and opinions diverged when it comes to loyalty agreements; an issue moderator Jackson Middleton considered “contentious… with a lot of different opinions”.read more

FCM to Harper: housing market is putting economy at risk by MBN | 2013-10-08 4:58:24 PM

In a letter sent to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities applauds the government’s efforts to cool down the housing market, but warns that housing costs may put the national economy at risk if further steps aren’t more

Broker: National Bank changes represent necessary paradigm shift by MBN | 2013-10-08 7:38:52 AM

National Bank’s move to efficiency is sending an undeniable message to other brokerages, says one leading broker – one they can’t afford to more

Banks not affected by rate hikes... yet by MBN | 2013-10-04 5:34:15 AM

Fitch Ratings released a report Monday stating that the Canadian banks have yet to experience a significant decrease in their mortgage sales, despite the increase in interest rates that many thought would price consumers out of the market; though the agency does believe there is a possibility that the effects will be felt in the months to more