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Broker: gift letters good for the market by Justin da Rosa | 2013-12-20 10:25:20 AM

Brokers fear any further mortgage rule change, but especially any tweak that would close the taps on an increasingly important source of "cheap money" for clients. read more

Major brokerage gets Canadians out of the cold by MBN | 2013-12-18 3:57:52 PM

One major brokerage is increasingly in the business of providing not only mortgages for clients but food and shelter for people utterly unprepared to use their services. read more

Plan is set to have Equity Financial's CEO reinstated by Justin da Rosa | 2013-12-18 7:55:37 AM

Smoothwater Capital will participate in a special shareholders meeting for Equity Financial Trust in March with the intention of removing seven of its nine directors and appointing three new ones – including recently ousted Nick more

CMA's customer service award sponsor speaks out by CMP | 2013-12-16 10:09:05 AM

Customer service is a crucial aspect of mortgage brokering and the upcoming Canadian Mortgage Awards will reward the individual office who best exemplifies outstanding customer more