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Bank economist offers key forecast by Justin da Rosa | 2013-11-12 11:53:16 AM

One leading economist is offering both good and bad news for brokers concerned about the immediate future of home sales as interest rates tick higher and buyer appetite seems more and more uncertain. read more

Brokers call for region-specific lending rules by Justin da Rosa | 2013-11-11 6:08:20 PM

The general consensus among brokers is that government tinkering with lending rules is an unwanted annoyance; but do brokers in smaller markets have it worse than others?read more

Gift letters blowing the bubble? by Justin da Rosa | 2013-11-10 8:39:23 PM

Parents in Toronto are funding their millennial kids’ first real estate purchases in record numbers, helping first-time buyers get a leg-up in an increasingly unaffordable market; and one well-respected industry voice believes the trend is contributing to the GTA’s oft-refuted housing more

SEO: a puzzling work of art & science by CMP | 2013-11-09 7:46:35 AM

The term Search Engine Optimization is as enigmatic as the Mona Lisa’s smile, but brokers looking to land leads Online have got 1.2 million reasons to solve the mystery, writes Patrick Herman, an account manager with Canada’s largest search marketing firm,, read more

BC market surges back; good news for brokers by Justin da Rosa | 2013-11-05 10:50:08 AM

In a report issued by the Bank of Montreal on Wednesday, the bank assured industry professionals the housing market in British Columbia has achieved a soft landing following a concerning sales drop early in the more

Clients less willing to renew early... for now by MBN | 2013-11-05 9:32:29 AM

Following historically low lending rates, clients are less likely to opt to renew early, leaving few opportunities for independent brokers to try to entice clients to switch lenders… for now, at more