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Brokers push back against industry trend by Justin da Rosa | 2014-06-13 3:54:52 PM

Rate discounting may be a necessity these days but many brokers are pushing back by drawing attention to the added value of advising clients about more than just more

Oliver's hands-off approach bad for the industry? by Justin da Rosa | 2014-06-12 1:06:45 PM

Brokers often lamented former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s willingness to tinker with mortgage rules and regulations but one industry professional believes current minister, Joe Oliver’s laissez-faire approach could have disastrous more

Broker tips for cottage properties by Jamie Henry | 2014-06-12 11:59:31 AM

The cottage real estate market is heating up along with the weather and brokers may be getting more inquiries from clients about purchasing these recreational properties. But are they prepared to answer all the questions?read more

Broker applies 80/20 rule to business by Jamie Henry | 2014-06-06 2:49:11 PM

The key to growing your business is to turn away certain clients and focus on a niche. Wait, that doesn’t make sense, does it? According to two industry players it makes all the sense in the more

CU offers retroactive 2.99 per cent rate by Justin da Rosa | 2014-06-05 4:19:15 PM

Brokers now have a new arrow in the quiver, with one credit union announcing Thursday its 2.99 per cent five-year fixed rate that can also be applied, retroactively, to deals funded in the past 30 more