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Are you losing data when you lose staff? by Jamie Henry | 2014-07-24 9:34:14 PM

A study has found some 60 per cent of workers who quit or are made redundant take company information with them when they go, despite knowing full-well their contract forbids it. How can you manage the risk of losing sensitive data -- and potential clients -- when disgruntled staff members leave your organization?read more

Broker sticks up for Realtors by Jamie Henry | 2014-07-23 3:28:42 PM

More homebuyers may be choosing to privately sell their own homes but many brokers still believe Realtors provide a safeguard for potential home owners during the buying more

Five key lessons from popular corporate branding by MBN | 2014-07-23 3:17:35 PM

Miller Ingenuity CEO Steve Blue discusses what agency owners looking to brand or rebrand their business can learn from popular corporate efforts of the more

Brokers weigh in on issues facing lenders by CMP | 2014-07-23 10:55:25 AM

Hundreds of brokers across Canada have already participated in CMP’s Brokers on Lenders poll, airing concerns about lenders but also these key players. read more

Will brokers follow the investors? by Jamie Henry | 2014-07-23 10:50:05 AM

In the face of increasing wait times for loan approvals and fearful of missing out on big deals, more investors are switching to the commercial side, opening up an opportunity for brokers to more

Fewer Canadians accelerate mortgage payments by Jamie Henry | 2014-07-23 8:08:43 AM

Record-low rates have contributed to a decrease in Canadians choosing to accelerate their mortgage payments, according to a CIBC poll released Monday, though the bank suggests taking the opportunity to take advantage and pay them down more