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Canadians are saving 40 million dollars a day from lower gas prices by Jamie Henry | 2014-12-05 10:09:21 AM

The sharp drop in oil prices are a concern for the energy sector and the economy as a whole but for consumers it means savings on everyday expenses as the cost of gas has fallen sharply more

​Condo market well supported, say economists by Jamie Henry | 2014-12-01 10:28:43 PM

Fear not, naysayers, the condo market may not be as overheated as some may lead you to believe; at least according to one big bank. But will this latest report be enough to force the bears into hibernation?read more

Mortgage broker offers Black Friday deal at 2.05 per cent by Jamie Henry | 2014-12-01 5:01:49 PM

Among the many Black Friday bargains on offer today, a mortgage broker announced a 24 hour promotion on home loans with a rate of just 2.59 per cent for a 5-year-fixed rate mortgage and 2.05 per cent for a variable more