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​Canada’s market not as healthy as believed to be? by Justin da Rosa | 2014-12-31 11:50:26 AM

All is not as it seems in the Canadian housing market, according to one major economist who points to several vulnerable markets that may be lulling economists and the Bank of Canada into a false sense of optimism about the market, more

CMHC cuts two programs by Justin da Rosa | 2014-12-30 2:15:33 PM

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) announced Friday it is axing two of its insurance programs, signalling to brokers that the era of rule tightening isn’t quite over. read more

Real estate agents argue market isn’t overvalued by Jamie Henry | 2014-12-24 4:06:27 PM

Real estate watchers across the country are holding their collective breath, waiting to see what disasters 2015 will bring to an overvalued market, but some agents say Canadians will more likely breathe a sigh of more

​Blackberry wants to be an integral part of your home by Jamie Henry | 2014-12-24 9:15:50 AM

Blackberry’s return to its former glory could well be driven by more

​Micro condos gain ground by Jamie Henry | 2014-12-24 9:10:49 AM

With more people wanting to live nearer the city core there is a growing interest in more

Canadians less optimistic of growing house prices by Jamie Henry | 2014-12-23 1:03:48 PM

The latest figures from the Bloomberg Nanos Canadian Confidence Index show growing pessimism over property prices. read more