Superbrokers 2009

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Centum Financial Group

Number of agents: 1,700+
Established: 2002
- Starts at 5 per cent and declines to 0.3 per cent on all lender commission
- Commission and volume bonus splits vary between broker and agent
- Trailer fees can follow brokers/agents if they leave the company, but it depends on the lender
Brokering Model
- The storefront model is the only model at Centum
- Over 240 franchises across Canada
Ancillary Service
- White label
- Home and automobile insurance
- Creditor life insurance
- Free underwriting
Lead Generation
- Online leads generated through partnership with real estate website (traffic: 700,000 visits per month)
- Websites optimized for search engines and pre-packaged Google Adwords campaigns localized at the office level
- Referral from other industries and professional organizations
- Automatic direct marketing through internal CRM system
Compliance - No response
- Franchisees are paid daily
- Turnaround time for receiving payment from lender to paying broker/agent: two hours

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  • Emy on 2010-01-31 3:39:01 PM

    Wow. The attempt to mislead is so obvious here. What sort of Canadian superbroker list leaves out a Canadian brokerage with over 1200 mortgage agents? This site is definitely OWNED by those who want to present a very skewed view of the industry. You just lost ALL credibility.

  • Editor on 2010-02-02 12:46:58 AM

    I appreciate your concern, but I just want to highlight an important part of the feature below:

    "While several national brokerages opted to tell all and completely answer every question, some others selected to only answer specific questions for privacy reasons, while others still decided not to participate altogether or simply did not answer repeated e-mails and phone calls.

    With the missing entries this survey is obviously not what you would call a complete coverage of the brokerage market in Canada, but it does include information from leading brokerages all across the country and serves as a great reference tool ... etc"

  • Gregory B Stanley on 2010-02-07 6:33:13 PM

    Curious what 'Canadian brokerage that represents over 1200 mortgage agents' couldn't be bothered to answer a simple survey, after being asked repeatedly? How embarrassing for you that they didn't... perhaps they would have looked in good stead with the others. Or maybe not... I don't blame you one bit for being upset for them not being listed. I would be too.

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