Superbrokers 2009

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Mortgage Architects

Number of agents: 357
Established: 2006
- 90/10 commission and volume bonus split to all lead planners
- Associate planners get their splits from lead planners
- Continue to pay volume bonus and trailer fees to the submitting agent if they leave the fi rm
Brokering Model 
- No franchise opportunities
- All lead planners have ownership in the company, as long as they have minimum production of $25 million in annual volume before joining
- No contract, only 3-day notice clause
Ancillary Service  
- Exclusive access to My Next Mortgage Company - a lender that provides exclusive and competitive products and rates
- MPP creditor life insurance available to clients
- Errors and omissions and fraudulent act coverage
- Lender rate summary
- Group benefits through Standard Life
- Corporate discounts with Rogers and Telus
- Personal websites and html e-mail program
Lead Generation 
- Generated for planners through website and referred to planners on a rotational basis
- Lead and associate planners receive own planner web pages with customized bio and link to their online application, which is automatically directed to them
- Paperless compliance process
- Planners scan their documents into a secure compliance
module rather than send documents to head office
- Where required by provincial rules, some planners must also maintain secure storage of their own physical files
- Every file is reviewed by a fully trained compliance officer
- If required, deficiency notices are auto e-mailed during the review process, giving the broker quick notification so he/she can correct the deficiency in a timely manner
- Most of commission process is automated
- System allows them to apply funds automatically to a deal upon receipt of funds and for a compliance officer to sign off on a deal as soon as the documents are uploaded into compliance module
- Commission calculation automatically happens when both of these steps have been completed
- Weekly payment

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  • Emy on 2010-01-31 3:39:01 PM

    Wow. The attempt to mislead is so obvious here. What sort of Canadian superbroker list leaves out a Canadian brokerage with over 1200 mortgage agents? This site is definitely OWNED by those who want to present a very skewed view of the industry. You just lost ALL credibility.

  • Editor on 2010-02-02 12:46:58 AM

    I appreciate your concern, but I just want to highlight an important part of the feature below:

    "While several national brokerages opted to tell all and completely answer every question, some others selected to only answer specific questions for privacy reasons, while others still decided not to participate altogether or simply did not answer repeated e-mails and phone calls.

    With the missing entries this survey is obviously not what you would call a complete coverage of the brokerage market in Canada, but it does include information from leading brokerages all across the country and serves as a great reference tool ... etc"

  • Gregory B Stanley on 2010-02-07 6:33:13 PM

    Curious what 'Canadian brokerage that represents over 1200 mortgage agents' couldn't be bothered to answer a simple survey, after being asked repeatedly? How embarrassing for you that they didn't... perhaps they would have looked in good stead with the others. Or maybe not... I don't blame you one bit for being upset for them not being listed. I would be too.

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