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Number of agents: No response
Established: 2007
- 100 % on the first $2,000 earned on a per file basis and then 90 % thereafter
- Lowest is 10 % and highest is 90 %. Pay based on the greater of (1) personal production or (2) recruiting others
- 90 % trailer fee is paid to the writing agent
- Trailer fees follow the writing agent contractually
- All clients are owned by the writing broker and vested, meaning all rights to and all data belongs to the writing broker forever
Brokering Model
- Everyone is offered a 'lifetime guarantee' that they can leave at anytime with all their files
- Not a franchise model, so no fees are attached
- Based on training in order to do more deals
Ancillary Service  -National weekly training through web seminars and designed online video tutorials
- Weekly web seminar talk show on lowering one's effective rates of interest and paying off debts faster, which agents can invite clients to attend
Lead Generation 
- Agents receive $20,000 worth of marketing support for $495
- Receive customized website
- Generate leads through referral partners and advertising
- Each agent is assigned at least three to five financial planners that will refer to them
- Detailed checks and balances throughout the file process
- For new people to the industry or just busy people, there is MC Assist - a backroom of licensed brokers to handle the paperwork on a file
- Three times weekly
- Turnaround is less than 24 hours from when funds are received
- Goal is to be daily 5 times per week in 2010

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  • Emy on 2010-01-31 3:39:01 PM

    Wow. The attempt to mislead is so obvious here. What sort of Canadian superbroker list leaves out a Canadian brokerage with over 1200 mortgage agents? This site is definitely OWNED by those who want to present a very skewed view of the industry. You just lost ALL credibility.

  • Editor on 2010-02-02 12:46:58 AM

    I appreciate your concern, but I just want to highlight an important part of the feature below:

    "While several national brokerages opted to tell all and completely answer every question, some others selected to only answer specific questions for privacy reasons, while others still decided not to participate altogether or simply did not answer repeated e-mails and phone calls.

    With the missing entries this survey is obviously not what you would call a complete coverage of the brokerage market in Canada, but it does include information from leading brokerages all across the country and serves as a great reference tool ... etc"

  • Gregory B Stanley on 2010-02-07 6:33:13 PM

    Curious what 'Canadian brokerage that represents over 1200 mortgage agents' couldn't be bothered to answer a simple survey, after being asked repeatedly? How embarrassing for you that they didn't... perhaps they would have looked in good stead with the others. Or maybe not... I don't blame you one bit for being upset for them not being listed. I would be too.

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