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As everyone knows there was a glitch in this year’s Top 50 Survey and some submissions were missed. One of those missed was Dan Eisner from True North Mortgage in Calgary. His total funded volume for 2009 was $136,533,952.
Also missed were submissions from Angela Calla, DLC BC Mortgage Group, Vancouver, BC: $84,713,463; Beverley Brandl, DLC Integrity Plus, Wasaga Beach, ON: $42,706,943; Collin Bruce, DLC Mortgage Mentors, Edmonton, AB: $73,456,121 andMaria Kyle, DLC Vintage Financial, Duncan, BC: $46,669,793.
True North Mortgage offers a retail concept
In 2006, Dan Eisner went on the CBC reality show the Dragons’ Den to propose his idea: a retail store for mortgages called True North Mortgage based in Calgary. The dragons liked what they saw but the final deal didn’t work for Eisner. But James Laird from Toronto also saw the episode and was intrigued. He flew to meet Eisner to discuss the concept further and became an investment partner. “There’s always the initial fear that it won’t work,” says Eisner. “And it’s hard to get the initial investment capital, but the proof is in the pudding.”

Today there are three True North Mortgage stores in Calgary, and one in downtown Toronto. In 2009, the company’s total volume funded was more than $136 million, and for 2010 from January to August, True North Mortgage has already funded deals totalling more than $180 million.


Eisner sees himself as a retailer first, and a mortgage broker second. All the business comes from walk-ins. “We are like any other retail shop. Or a McDonald’s,” he says. “We are bold with our storefront, in high-traffic areas, and we attract clients that way.” He doesn’t get any referral business from real estate agents and it’s not essential for how his stores work.

True North Mortgage brokers work on salary rather than commission, which ensures a quality of customer service that isn’t fueled by who can make the most money the quickest. Eisner believes he will never introduce a commissioned brokering system. He also says he will never offer anything but mortgage products. “When you walk into a bookstore, you want books, not video games,” says Eisner. “So it’s the same thing. When they walk into a mortgage store and we start saying, we have legal services, financial planning and insurance too, they’ll walk out because you’re not getting what you expect.”
  • Murray Groen on 2010-08-18 4:40:26 AM

    I noticed you have announced a few people that you missed, I know of 3 other agents that you missed as well that had sent their #'s in. Derek Artichuk, Darren Keck and York Polk all from Mortgage Brokers Ottawa. I think you should announce their names as well since you were listing people you missed. I am looking forward to seeing their names on your next newsletter.

  • John Bilshiity on 2010-08-18 12:07:23 PM

    True North pays for leads on ratesupermarket, so stating that their business is all from walk in's is not true and misleading to your readers

  • gord pipkey on 2010-08-19 2:18:31 AM

    i am back in town to check the commission paid 2009,

  • gord pipkey, Verico Realmortgage Services on 2010-08-19 2:19:55 AM

    Hi , i am back in town to check my 2009 commissions sheet, 251,661,106.06

  • Oh Boy!! on 2010-08-20 8:06:13 AM

    This Top 50 is the biggest joke going in the mortgage brokerage industry. How do you go ahead and publish a list when you had lost many of the entries? If you had system problems and lost data, we get it. Why not just postpone the printing until you had effectively communicated to all that may have wanted to submit their numbers that there was a problem.
    CMP, you are really starting to embarrass yourself. A journalist who reports news is defined as the following: A journalist collects and disseminates information about current events, people, trends, and issues. Reporters are one type of journalist. Reporters find sources for their work, their reports can be either spoken or written, and they are expected to report in the most objective and unbiased way to serve the public good.
    Nowhere in the definition above does it say that you should promote those who spend the most money in your magazine. WOW, look at all the DLC people in the top 50!! Coincidence? I think not.

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