• Superbrokers 2009 by | 18 Nov 2009

    CMP recently polled 14 national brokerages across Canada to uncover what they offer their brokers - everything from compensation to training to ancillary services. Here are the results. read more

  • Lender status cards - do you have yours? by | 22 Sep 2009

    Broker status and incentive programs are becoming increasingly common among mortgage lenders - but what does it mean for brokers? Erin Letson explores what lenders are trying to achieve, why efficiency matters and how to become a status broker read more

  • Saskatchewan: more than just wheat by | 08 Sep 2009

    What's it like to be a mortgage broker in Saskatchewan? Erin Letson checks out the post-boom housing market, upcoming regulations and the overall state of the industry in this oft-overlooked prairie province read more

  • Talking back: The top 10 broker-friendly lenders by MBN | 25 Aug 2009

    For the broker and lender relationship to truly work there needs to be an open line of communication. For that reason CMP, which gave brokers their say in our last issue, now hands it over to the lenders read more

  • Goodbye, paper by MBN | 12 Aug 2009

    The days of printouts and photocopies aren't gone yet, but more businesses are moving toward a paperless office to increase efficiency and cut back waste. Erin Letson shows you how to make the transition read more

  • Brokers on Lenders 2009 by MBN | 29 Jul 2009

    With talk that the worst economic slowdown is over, it's interesting to point out that this year's CMP Brokers on Lenders survey was conducted just before things really picked up. The results may surprise you read more

  • Commercial relief by | 14 Jul 2009

    Commercial mortgages have been hit hard over the last two years and are currently going through some serious changes. That said, things aren't all bad. CMP explains read more

  • The private lending ride by MBN | 06 May 2009

    The demise of subprime lenders combined with tightened credit has meant an increased demand for private mortgage funds. Erin Letson explores how brokers can navigate this altered private lending landscape read more

  • Brave faces: The results of our inaugural broker sentiment poll by | 09 Mar 2009

    During December and January CMP conducted our first cross-Canada broker sentiment poll - find out what's making brokers/agents so positive read more

  • Keeping it in the family by MBN | 01 Nov 2008

    Mortgages and family don’t always mix. Vanessa Chris explores the roadblocks involved when homeowners, homebuyers and investors are related – and involved in the same mortgage read more