• CMP's Top 50 Brokers in 2009 by | 04 Aug 2010

    We collected submissions from across Canada of total individual volume funded for 2009 to compile our 3rd annual Top 50 Brokers list. Here are the results. read more

  • A Brave New World: How technology is changing the industry by | 04 Aug 2010

    While many have begun to move with technology as it drives businesses forward with new innovations and devices, others have dug in their heels, holding on to a nostalgic idea of an industry that once was. Increasingly, the days of paper applications and fax machines are nearing extinction, and for those who aren’t using today’s technology, they may be too. In this article, Shane Buckingham takes a look at how using the latest tools and technology has changed the industry as a whole and how it has helped those who’ve been able to capitalize on it read more

  • The difference between “experts” and “marketers” by | 04 Aug 2010

    There’s a lot more to becoming a mortgage expert than just being knowledgeable about the industry. Doren Aldana discusses what brokers need to know to be more successful read more

  • Women want it all and are getting it by | 22 Jul 2010

    Women have been entering the mortgage industry in increasing numbers and are racking up the sales. CMP examines this growing trend and compares the way women contribute to the success of the industry read more

  • The Pros and Cons of Broker Hubs by | 08 Jul 2010

    As lenders increase their minimum volume requirements and efficiency ratios, mortgage brokers are pooling their office deals to take advantage of favourable fees and to continue their relationship with preferred lenders. Gina Monaco takes a look at the pros and cons of this growing trend. read more

  • Simply the Best by | 08 Jul 2010

    The fourth annual CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards could almost be named the Oscars for the mortgage industry, where the best of the best came out to celebrate and share their success among their esteemed colleagues; and focus on a bigger and brighter future read more

  • What lenders are looking for by | 04 May 2010

    Erin Letson talks to CMA-nominated lender BDMs and underwriters to find out what brokers can do to improve their applications and develop better relationships for the future read more

  • Tapping into credit unions by | 22 Mar 2010

    Credit unions haven't always been seen as broker-friendly, but many are now looking to build business through this channel. CMP gets the lowdown on accessing a flow of funds from this lender category read more

  • Why Canada's housing market didn't burst by | 16 Feb 2010

    The countries may share a border, but the financial crises in the U.S. and Canada are hardly similar. As an associate professor at the University of Western Ontario and a research associate at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland explains, a comparison of the two markets suggests Canada may have just "got things right" read more

  • Money now or later? The trailer fee debate by Donald Horne | 01 Dec 2009

    There are still only two Canadian lenders offering the trailer fee option, but that doesn't mean it's not being talked about. CMP checks in with brokers to see what they like and dislike about this form of payment read more