• Lenders respond to brokers survey by | 20 Oct 2010

    CMP had the opportunity to speak to many of the lenders named to the Top 10 in Canada by mortgage brokers across Canada. They told us about the programs they implemented in 2010 and what they thought led to their success, and they discussed new programs they hope will have a positive impact on broker relationships. read more

  • Know your B products by | 20 Oct 2010

    CMP's niche series this month focuses on alt-B clients. Nick Lypaczewski spoke to a few brokers to find out what is the most effective way to reach and work with this market read more

  • Brokering in the east has its unique challenges by | 30 Sep 2010

    A look at the mortgage market in Atlantic Canada and what the differences may be compared to other parts of the nation, by Heather Li read more

  • Relationship Makers: A review of the industry's CRMs by | 02 Sep 2010

    All brokers need to organize their client contacts to keep in touch. And every brokerage tries to provide its agents with the best. Heather Li explores the industry’s CRM programs read more

  • Facebook: Your New Calling Card by | 02 Sep 2010

    Online social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, have exploded over the past year. Heather Li shows how brokers use these tools to market to a bigger, broader audience read more

  • Some submissions for Top 50 Brokers missed by | 16 Aug 2010

    As everyone knows there was a glitch in this year’s Top 50 Survey and some submissions were missed. One of those missed was Dan Eisner from True North Mortgage in Calgary. His total funded volume for 2009 was $136,533,952. read more

  • CMP's Top 50 Brokers in 2009 by | 04 Aug 2010

    We collected submissions from across Canada of total individual volume funded for 2009 to compile our 3rd annual Top 50 Brokers list. Here are the results. read more

  • A Brave New World: How technology is changing the industry by | 04 Aug 2010

    While many have begun to move with technology as it drives businesses forward with new innovations and devices, others have dug in their heels, holding on to a nostalgic idea of an industry that once was. Increasingly, the days of paper applications and fax machines are nearing extinction, and for those who aren’t using today’s technology, they may be too. In this article, Shane Buckingham takes a look at how using the latest tools and technology has changed the industry as a whole and how it has helped those who’ve been able to capitalize on it read more

  • The difference between “experts” and “marketers” by | 04 Aug 2010

    There’s a lot more to becoming a mortgage expert than just being knowledgeable about the industry. Doren Aldana discusses what brokers need to know to be more successful read more

  • Women want it all and are getting it by | 22 Jul 2010

    Women have been entering the mortgage industry in increasing numbers and are racking up the sales. CMP examines this growing trend and compares the way women contribute to the success of the industry read more