• To be or not to BDM by | 11 Oct 2011

    As brokers grapple with a slowing market, many are finding relationships with BDMs are also in flux. As Vernon Clement Jones finds out, that may be by design read more

  • Going exclusive by | 03 Oct 2011

    Mortgage professionals say they’ve had enough of clients going to the bank, with broker commitment letters in hand. As Vernon Clement Jones finds out, a growing number are thinking exclusivity agreements will stop them in their tracks read more

  • Paying for errors & omissions by | 20 Sep 2011

    With a spate of E&O claims pinned to private lending deals, brokerages are increasingly straying from their association-endorsed insurers and, as Vernon Clement Jones finds out, shopping around for the best rates, wherever that search takes them read more

  • Security Breach: What brokers are doing to guard their clients' privacy by | 28 Feb 2011

    In the wake of client privacy breaches of mortgage brokers a few years ago, the industry has improved security measures. John Tenpenny found out what some brokerages and brokers are doing to ensure the personal information of mortgage broker clients isn’t compromised read more

  • Credit Repair Job by | 28 Jan 2011

    Looking to graduate your clients from a B to A mortgage? Heather Li looks at some of the tools brokers can use to turn around their clients’ credit scores read more

  • 2011: The Road Ahead by | 28 Jan 2011

    Consumer awareness and confidence in brokers, broker-lender relationships and the threat from government of more mortgage rules are some of the issues John Tenpenny heard about when talking with prominent industry members read more

  • Growing reverse mortgages as part of your business by | 06 Dec 2010

    CMP magazine continues its series exploring a variety of niche markets and how mortgage professionals can work within these areas to increase their business. This month we focus on reverse mortgages read more

  • Superbrokers: Growing through Technology by | 08 Nov 2010

    CMP recently polled national broker networks across Canada to uncover what they offer their brokers – everything from compensation to training to ancillary services. Here are the results read more

  • Working with investor clients by | 08 Nov 2010

    Rental properties generate extra income for consumers. As a broker, specializing in the real estate investor market could be your preferred way to make money. CMP continues its special focus on niche markets read more

  • Trailer fee model earns respect from broker community by | 08 Nov 2010

    There are only two Canadian lenders offering the trailer fee option to brokers, but the trend appears to be gaining. CMP gets feedback on this compensation and looks at more lenders possibly jumping on board read more