Justin da Rosa

Justin Da Rosa is a journalist with Canadian Mortgage Professional.


  • Economist: Mortgage credit growth to slow

    CAAMP’s chief economist, Will Dunning, postulates the mortgage credit growth rate in Canada will slow down in the near future, citing a number of contributing factors.

  • Lender unveils impressive Q3 results

    The parent company of one of Canada’s major lenders announced its third quarter results – its strongest quarter this year.

  • Reasons for the big-three boom

    Most Canadian markets are stagnating but three, in particular, are booming and one major economist has laid out five reasons for this “puzzling” trend.

  • Commercial landscape in flux

    Commercial brokers are already forced to put in long hours for each deal and new data suggests that earning those deals may become harder, with the commercial landscape about to change.

  • Economist assuages overbuilding fears

    Industry players and speculators shouldn’t worry about overbuilding in Canada according to one economist, who believes even the hottest markets are healthy.

  • Major lender applies for banking license

    One of the broker network’s main lenders is applying to the Minister of Finance for a Schedule I bank charter.

  • Condo construction cools

    The trend measure for housing starts dropped month-over-month from September to October of this year, due in part to a decrease in condo starts

  • BoC Governor addresses mortgage insurance exposure

    Brokers have already suggested it and now the deputy governor of the Bank of Canada, Lawrence Schembri, has suggested the creation of a “private-label mortgage securitization market.”

  • OSFI releases official B-21 guidelines

    Brokers will likely breathe a sigh of relief as OSFI has unveiled its finalized B-21 guidelines, following a draft that was largely believed to be less intrusive than its preceding B-20 version.

  • Hidden fees rampant in U.K. mortgage industry

    Canadian brokers and mortgage borrowers are always leery of hidden mortgage fees, but one trend occurring across the pond will shock and surprise industry vets.