Justin da Rosa

  • FSCO imposters sending communications?

    A recently released statement from FSCO warns brokers about messages being sent through Kijiji by a person or persons impersonating the organization.

  • Brokers more cost conscious than Realtors?

    Brokers may view material flashiness as an outdated requirement for entrepreneurial success, with several contradicting what was once a popularly-held belief.

  • Region-specific regulations debated

    It’s a tale of two Canadas that brokers are all too familiar with and, following the Bank of Canada’s housing forecast, brokers are reiterating calls for regional regulations.

  • CMHC weighs in on foreign condo investment

    This past summer, CMHC attempted to determine the percentage of condos in Canada that are owned by domestic investors, but it has recently admitted it still is unsure what percentage are owned by foreign investors.

  • Industry org recommends solutions for unregistered brokers

    One industry organization has proposed changes to the requirements for broker registration following a supreme court of British Columbia decision that determined an unregistered broker – who collected a $630,000 broker fee -- did not require registration.

  • Industry professional launches private lending association

    One of the leading mortgage broker course providers announced Tuesday it is launching the non-profit Association of Mortgage Investment Professionals (AMIPROS) with the goal of providing higher standards and education to the private lending industry.

  • Brokers applaud FSCO, but is it enough?

    Brokers often call for more regulatory oversight to help weed out unethical professionals and one recent update from FSCO has been met with positive reactions. But some brokers believe more can be done in other areas of focus.

  • Big bank saddles mortgage borrower with hefty bill

    A Canadian couple was shocked to learn that they owed their lender tens of thousands of dollars to end their fixed-term mortgage early.

  • This one major broker gripe may be futile

    A recent Bank of Canada announcement has dredged up an age-old debate but is it one that should finally be put to bed?

  • OSFI puts kibosh on bank risk-sharing

    The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) will not force Canada’s banks to assume more mortgage risk, despite calls from many in the industry for them to do so.