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  • OSFI puts kibosh on bank risk-sharing

    The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) will not force Canada’s banks to assume more mortgage risk, despite calls from many in the industry for them to do so.

  • Leading broker founds new brokerage

    The former manager/COO of one of Canada’s largest brokerages has resurfaced as the president of a rate site’s brokerage arm – a move likely to drum up some debate in the industry.

  • Investors taking dangerous steps to get over five door rule

    Brokers advised an investor client – who closed two deals in one day -- to not disclose the second planned property purchase to the lender as a work-around for one lending rule.

  • CMHC confirms potential risk-sharing

    The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has announced it will consider implementing risk-sharing measure with lenders in the future, confirming anonymous sources who told the Financial Post in early September that OSFI and CMHC were in talks about the potential policy.

  • ​Broker not convinced by bank CEO's parting words

    Brokers may be happy to see one big bank executive go, but they likely won’t fall for his parting words about the need for tighter lending rules to help rein in consumer debt.

  • ​Canada’s market not as healthy as believed to be?

    All is not as it seems in the Canadian housing market, according to one major economist who points to several vulnerable markets that may be lulling economists and the Bank of Canada into a false sense of optimism about the market, overall.

  • ​Deferred sales spike soon to end?

    Brokers who lamented the early year slump have likely made up for the lost business, according to recent stats that point to continued strong summer sales.

  • Brokers split on CMHC proposal

    Broker opinion is split -- following news that CMHC is considering banks to pay a deductible before mortgage claims are paid out – with some believing the move will lead to more careful underwriting and others thinking it could result in higher fees for clients.

  • ​Banks to pay for CMHC deductible?

    The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is considering offloading some of its burden onto the banks by forcing them to pay a deductible on insured mortgages before claims will be paid out.

  • Report to boost consumer confidence in brokers

    A new report from a major regulator will likely inspire confidence in home buyers to turn to mortgage brokers.