Justin da Rosa

Justin da Rosa

I am the editor for Mortgage Broker News Canada.

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  • Brokers lament lender wait times in wake of low rates

    The spring season has seen rates drop to record lows and while the trend has bolstered broker business, it has also caused a back-log of files at a number Canada’s lenders. read more

  • Appraisers fire back at brokers

    Real estate appraisers took to the comments section of MortgageBrokerNews.ca to explain -- and defend – the appraisal process following critical comments from mortgage brokers. read more

  • Brokers: Banking double standard regarding wait times

    Brokers are frustrated by increasingly lengthy processing times when dealing with the banks – especially when those same banks expeditiously approve broker clients in-branch. read more

  • ​CMA Standouts: Nick L’ecuyer

    CMA Standouts: Nick L’ecuyer - Our Mortgage Broker of the Year Candidates – along with our Top 75 – stand atop the mortgage brokering world in Canada. Read more for details on how some of them do ‘it’ read more

  • ​CMA Standouts: Dan Eisner

    Dan Eisner’s True North Mortgage may employ a unique model – that relies on upscale storefronts and salaried brokers – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be compared to more traditional mortgage businesses. read more

  • ​CMA Standouts: Anthony Contento

    Contento spent 25 years in the banking channel before making the move to the mortgage industry, but his brokerage is anything like a big bank; instead, he prefers to run a small and intimate office. read more

  • ​CMA Standouts: Anne Brill

    Anne Brill, the broker/owner of Centum Metrocapp Wealth Solutions, believes providing mortgages is just one part of a larger financial picture. read more

  • ​CMA Standouts: Vittorio Oliverio

    “I have a saying that I use, Oliverio says, ‘Good service should be given when sailing in smooth water, but good service should be expected when sailing in rough water.’” “We do not sell mortgages, we create relationships that is why we hav ... read more

  • ​CMA Standouts: James Loewen

    When it comes to Loewen’s philosophy, it’s all about providing comfort and education for his clients. read more

  • Brokers: CMHC refocus is misguided

    Brokers have had time to let the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) recently announced priority shift to sink in and while some laud the crown corporation’s efforts, others believe it should be addressing more pressing concern ... read more