Justin da Rosa

Justin Da Rosa is a journalist with Canadian Mortgage Professional.


  • Does this broker have the largest marketing budget?

    One broker who plans on spending $600,000 on marketing this year -- and has seen his business grow exponentially as a result -- believes the only thing holding his colleagues back from taking the same approach is fear.

  • Broker outlook for 2015/2016

    What can brokers expect in the near future? CMHC released its first quarter housing market outlook Friday and in it forecasted housing start moderation in 2015 and 2016.

  • The major advantage for brokers following rate cuts?

    Brokers have reported an increase in inquiries from clients since the Bank of Canada rate change, which has provided an opportunity for industry players to extoll the benefits of working with a mortgage broker – and explain the fine print on mortgage documents that many bankers may overlook.

  • Major cuts to come from BoC?

    The voices predicting a further Bank of Canada rate cut have become a chorus, with another bank stating it believes the central bank still has additional basis points to slash.

  • IMF slightly alters real estate prediction

    The ups and downs of Canada’s housing market are set to continue according to the IMF, which has recently altered its overvaluation estimate for Canadian real estate.

  • Condo market continues to boom for brokers

    One major market recorded its third best year for condo sales on record in 2014, and saw a marked increase year-over-year.

  • What do low rates mean for a potential housing bubble?

    Finance Minister Joe Oliver has assured Canadians there is no housing bubble developing, despite record low interest rates that may entice some buyers to purchase more home than they can likely afford.

  • Second big bank forecasts further rate cut

    It’s been a whirlwind week following the Bank of Canada’s announced rate change and the industry could be in for even more disruption come March, according to a growing chorus of financial institutions predicting further cuts.

  • Brokers question banks’ refusal to match overnight rate

    One big bank has offered an explanation for why its prime rate doesn’t match the Bank of Canada’s overnight rate, but brokers aren’t exactly sold.

  • Is there room for private lenders to drop rates?

    Despite rate slashes from conventional lenders, many private mortgage providers haven’t budged on rate and brokers may not buy their reasoning for holding out.