Justin da Rosa

Justin Da Rosa is a journalist with Canadian Mortgage Professional.


  • Brokers disappointed by big bank change

    Brokers are voicing their displeasure with a recent change made by a big bank that will affect past and future clients.

  • Comprehensive economic forecast released

    One of Canada’s most influential not-for-profit research organizations recently published its yearly Long-Term Economic Forecast, which include its predictions for the housing and mortgage markets for the next few years.

  • Big bank makes major change to broker program

    In what one industry player is referring to as a “great example of bank greed,” one big bank has tacked on a monthly fee to one of its most popular programs among brokers.

  • CMHC concerns spark debate

    Readers are debating mortgage debt versus consumer debt after the CMHC released previously confidential remarks about its concern for the housing market, but is it time to finally put that discussion to bed?

  • Far-out Friday: Agency builds rollercoaster in home

    People put a lot of time and money into prepping their house for a sale but agency in Europe may take the cake.

  • Collateral charge debate heats up

    The lack of transparency surrounding collateral charge mortgages at one big bank has sparked furious debate among mortgage brokers.

  • Industry reacts to Bank of Canada rate

    Following the central bank’s move to maintain its overnight rate, industry professionals across the country are already speculating about the effect the move – or lack thereof – will have on broker business.

  • Bank of Canada announces overnight rate

    There has been much speculation since the Bank of Canada’s surprise rate cut in late January, but have the predictions come true?

  • Panel predicts future of rates

    Just prior to the Bank of Canada’s rate announcement four industry leaders predicted where rates will go within the next 30-45 days, and a consensus was reached.

  • Big bank tested on collateral charge transparency

    CBC’s Marketplace went undercover to one big bank to see how transparent it was about collateral mortgages and the fine print associated with them.