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  • Calling trust in BoC into question

    The biggest news wasn’t the rate cut; it was the way in which the central bank implemented it – and what it may signify for future interest rates, according to one industry leader.

  • Brokers discuss the future of rates

    In what was described by one broker as “the most significant mortgage interest rate news in ten years,” the BoC’s surprise decision to axe its overnight rate target may have an unexpected effect on one type of mortgage product.

  • BoC interest rate change: A surprise?

    For the first time in over four years the Bank of Canada has changed its target for the overnight rate, which may come as a surprise to brokers.

  • Default insurer comparison: Micro condos

    Micro condos have been a hot topic in the mortgage industry, with several lenders shying away from these tiny units; but how do the insurers treat them?

  • Slow year ahead for certain markets?

    Brokers in one major market are best served to prepare for sluggish housing price gains, according to one industry leader’s recent forecast.

  • Consumer sentiment dropping regarding housing prices

    Brokers may be in for a difficult year, with consumer sentiment regarding the health of the housing market eroding, according to one recent report.

  • Online rate discounting the future?

    The future of the business is online and, according to one major broker, industry players who embrace that model will thrive in the coming years.

  • Brokers discuss housing values

    The ever-popular discussion about just how overvalued Canadian housing is has received its most gloomy prediction, which has sparked discussion about the accuracy of the methodology used to arrive at these figures.

  • Brokers prepared to earn back market share

    While it may not be what brokers wanted to hear, the prediction that broker market share will continue to drop has inspired players to focus on what they can do thrive in the changing industry.

  • ​Housing starts measure drops to end year

    The trend measure of housing starts in Canada dropped to 192,047 in December, compared to 194,807 a month prior, according to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.