Justin da Rosa

Justin Da Rosa is a journalist with Canadian Mortgage Professional.


  • CAAMP chair: Association taking stock

    CAAMP will take the opportunity to re-evaluate its future in the wake of its long-serving president and CEO’s departure.

  • ‘Shadow’ lending article frustrates brokers

    Broker dismisses “shadow” lending talk as “nonsense”.

  • Jim Murphy leaves CAAMP

    CAAMP has announced the departure of its long-serving president and CEO with a promise to “re-examine CAAMP’s organizational structure.”

  • Association goes to bat for lenders

    One national broker association is urging the government not to adopt investor caps, arguing that such changes would result in a loss of mortgage lending options for Canadians.

  • Broker clients priced out?

    Brokers in this one market may lament record-setting prices feared to price clients out of the market, especially considering what type of client is most affected.

  • The current state of buydowns

    Record low rates are dramatically changing the nature and the frequency of broker buydowns, say industry players pointing to the bottom line.

  • Mortgage insurance reform proposed

    A leading think tank is proposing changes to the mortgage default insurance industry, including building a reserve fund – but at what cost to clients?

  • Renewed frustrations surrounding former grow-ops

    They’re in the news once again: Homes known to formerly house marijuana grow-ops are frustrating brokers and homeowners alike, and the latter has taken to MortgageBrokerNews.ca for help.

  • HELOCs and household debt

    Growing housing prices are drawing more broker attention to HELOCs, especially in the wake of ever-increasing household debt.

  • Economist cautions BoC

    Speculation has begun to swirl prior to the next Bank of Canada rate meeting, with one economist vehemently arguing against further cuts.