Justin da Rosa

Justin Da Rosa is a journalist with Canadian Mortgage Professional.


  • Brokers earning media praise

    Canada’s brokers have influential partners in their corner, with personal finance experts using their influence with consumers to make the case for independent mortgage advisors

  • Brokers react to the channel’s newest lender

    Brokers will soon have a new lending partner, and industry professionals are already anticipating what the bank can offer

  • Broker frustrations grow

    Common-sense underwriting has gone out the window, according to one industry professional

  • Lender reaches mortgage cap … for now

    Brokers across the country say this has been one of the busiest years to date, and one lender recently told industry professionals it will no longer lend any more mortgage funds this year

  • Brokers prepare to school young buyers

    Younger buyers are more at risk in the event of price declines, but brokers are up to the task of properly preparing them for such an event

  • Lender reveals bank plans

    Home Capital has specified how much capital it has injected into CFF, and what it plans to do with the newly acquired Schedule I bank

  • Accused: ‘No evidence that I committed fraud’

    The accused in a large-scale mortgage fraud case involving 22 homes and several banks is claiming evidence against her is circumstantial

  • First National in talks with lenders

    First National has confirmed it is in talks with competitors who are interested in outsourcing their underwriting to the leading channel lender – and just how much a similar partnership has benefited TD Bank

  • Lender does due diligence

    Home Capital explains why it will take until 2016 to finish reviewing suspect mortgages – and what will be done with files that don’t meet the lender’s standards

  • Niche business wins broker referrals

    It may not be the most lucrative business segment, but it’s one that is winning this broker clients for life – as well as some high-profile media coverage