Justin da Rosa

Justin Da Rosa is a journalist with Canadian Mortgage Professional.


  • Brokers call for region-specific lending rules

    The general consensus among brokers is that government tinkering with lending rules is an unwanted annoyance; but do brokers in smaller markets have it worse than others?

  • Gift letters blowing the bubble?

    Parents in Toronto are funding their millennial kids’ first real estate purchases in record numbers, helping first-time buyers get a leg-up in an increasingly unaffordable market; and one well-respected industry voice believes the trend is contributing to the GTA’s oft-refuted housing bubble.

  • An opportunity to swoop in on banks' business?

    The banks are increasingly hot for renewal business, but one broker is pointing out a curious exception to that rule – one ripe with opportunity for brokers.

  • How to beat banks at renewal time

    The challenges of the traditionally slow winter season are now being compounded as banks contact past clients 120 days ahead of renewal – and just out of reach of a broker's 90-day rate hold.

  • Condo problem in Ottawa: An alternative view

    A growing phenomenon in the condo development market is highlighting a disadvantage for brokers.

  • Broker calls for unity among brokerages

    The hot debate continues after one industry player used MortgageBrokerNews.ca to propose a broker-run organization modelled after the Canadian Chamber of Commerce; and despite the many naysayers, one broker thinks he’s now come up with a workable implementation strategy.

  • BC market surges back; good news for brokers

    In a report issued by the Bank of Montreal on Wednesday, the bank assured industry professionals the housing market in British Columbia has achieved a soft landing following a concerning sales drop early in the year.

  • Broker honoured by Toronto Police for heroics

    One quick-thinking broker helped save a man’s life last year and, on Sunday, was rewarded for his efforts by the Toronto Police Department in a formal ceremony.

  • Canadian First completes MonCana deal

    Canadian First Financial announced that the acquisition of MonCana Capital Corporation was completed on Friday; a deal the company feels will provide a solid lending option for brokers.

  • Ex-banker tells all

    An ex-banker turned fee-only financial advisor dishes on what it was like to hock mortgages to clients and the pressures to cross-sell.